Artist of movement

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Lucie LLONG, artist of movement is graduated in arts from the Sorbonne university (Paris). Travels, colors and meeting people have influenced her artistic inspirations and works.

Drawing since her childhood, she has always been interested in representing and interpreting her environment differently. Her artistic approach, with a significant creative signature, offers a timeless and resolutely innovative vision of sport, human body and landscape.

She grew up in a family where rugby was omnipresent and counted many supporters and players. So she developped a special fondness with this sport and as a matter of fact, her travels guided her to countries where rugby is almost considered as religion (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or Scotland).

With her colorful brushes and dynamic style, Lucie LLONG paints sport gesture intensity, stakes, movement and rythm.  Action and strength are central in her works : colors for the energy and a touch of blur for the ardour both seized on canvas. Through her paintings, we hear stadium clamor.

Her style as a signature: an original, luminous and dynamic painting.


She is also an active member of different arts and humanitarian associations.

Current Exhibition :

  to octobre 2018

24 for all and all for 1


Pont-de-Vaux- 01